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Paint Protection Films & Vinyl Wraps

Clear bra paint protection films are the best way to ensure the longevity of your vehicles paint job. Clear bra films will preserve and maintain your cars original paint job for years to come and help to avoid sun damage, small chips, salt damage and more. Constantly stressing over small knicks and chips and trying to road debris while driving is no fun. Our certified installers will make sure your vehicle is protected throughly so you can enjoy driving your vehicle as intended. Choose between our different paint protection packages and discover what option is right for your automobile. Whether you want to simply protect high impact areas such as your bumper, hood, and mirrors, or opt to protect your entire vehicle, we have options for you. RS Auto is proud to be Seattle’s preferred paint protection installation shop and we look forward to helping you with your vehicle paint paint protections needs.

Best Vinyl Wraps In Seattle

RS Auto is dedicated to offering the Seattle area the highest quality vehicle vinyl wraps. Whether you are looking for a full color change wrap, a partial business wrap, custom vehicle graphics or any type of vehicle vinyl wrap we can help. Our certified 3M installers have expertise and experience with the industries highest performing vinyl films and are dedicated to offering Seattle flawless vehicle wraps that are seamless and installed to last. Our team will make sure every step is taken to ensure the best possible finish for your vehicle. By removing tail lights, bumpers, grills, mirrors, and accessories your wrap will flow seamlessly across every contour of your vehicle, preventing any lifting or bubbling caused by improper installation techniques. Trust your vehicle with experienced installers and the industries best vinyl films. RS Auto offers a variety of auto customization services to not only aesthetically enhance the look and feel of your vehicle, but also protect it.

Our vinyl wraps and paint protection films will ensure your automobile’s factory paint job is protected from sun damage, knicks and chips, and small road debris. These films will preserve the longevity of your factory paint job and vinyl wraps also allow you to customize the look of your ride. The stock look of your vehicle is easily changed with an auto wrap and easily removed if you ever want to try a new look on your car, truck, or suv. Vinyl wraps allow any vehicle to stand out of the crowd with the endless customization options available. Choose from an assortment of textures and finishes, as well as a full spectrum of color variations. Opt for a classic matte black wrap, a satin pearl wrap, or stand out with chrome wrap or unique custom graphics. The options are endless and will have you feeling like you got a new car every time you adhere a new wrap.

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Vehicle Vinyl Wraps

Change the color of your car with vinyl wraps. Vinyl wrap installation should only be performed by professionals you can trust. The team at RS Auto Salon genuinely cares about providing you with the best possible custom vehicle wraps and car graphic designs. After all, when our customers are asked, “Wow who wrapped your car?” we want them to reply with pride: RS Auto Salon.

Commercial Vehicle Wraps

As we talked about above, Seattle vehicle wraps are one of the most effective forms of advertising in terms of impressions (the number of people who see your ad) vs. pricing. Our vehicle wrap pricing is highly competitive—and you're not likely to find a better or more professional installation service in the area.

Vehicle Graphics & Graphic Design

Most vinyl wrap installation shops only install the vehicle wrap for you. This can lead to a lot of tricky business when you're trying to coordinate with a graphic designer and a vinyl wrap installation company. Keeping everything under one roof can make the process easier, faster, and more affordable—that's why RS Auto offers both graphic design and installation services. If you want a full car vinyl wrap that looks great, we've got you covered.

Clear Bra Paint Protection

Did you know that a great number of clear bra installation companies merely download PPF kits online from companies like XPEL or 3M? These “one size fits all” approaches never provide vehicle owners with a truly precise fit, nor do “trim to fit” kits which require extra trimming to work. At RS Auto, our paint protection films are designed in-house. Our medical grade digitizing equipment can provide you with a millimeter-accuracy, total-precision fit for your vehicle.

Automotive Window Tinting

If you want legal, long-lasting window tinting for your vehicle, RS Auto Salon can provide you with the highest quality of service in the area. Our 3M window tinting film is available in FX Premium, Color Stable, and Crystalline varieties. Remember, window tinting that isn't performed by professionals can often leave drivers with dust contamination and minor (or sometimes even major) imperfections—our team of professionals can provide you with a truly clean tint.

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If you'd like to learn more about how RS Auto can provide you with custom vehicle wraps, paint protection films, or any of the other high end services we offer at our auto salon, please feel warmly welcomed to call us today at 206-97-ARMOR. That's 206-972-7667.




Commercial Business Wraps

At RS Auto Salon, our team of dedicated experts are here to not only install the highest quality vehicle vinyl wraps in Seattle, but to help you along every step of the way with our graphic design services. Our professional designers an installers can give you a modern, eye-catching look that draws awareness to your auto, and brings in new business every time you run an errand. That's not all we can help you with at RS Auto Salon. In addition to vinyl wrap design and installation, we also offer the following services: • Paint Protection Films (also called PPF, Clear Bra or Clear Mask) • Window Tinting • Mobile installation—we come to you! We have a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. RS Auto is BBB accredited, licensed, bonded, and insured. Did you know that vehicle advertising is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available?

Did You Know?

On average, a vinyl wrap advertisement on a company vehicle might be viewed by as many as 45 million potential customers over 5 years. If .0001% of those people became customers, you'd be looking at 4,500 new clients—more than most small- or mid-sized businesses even have the capacity for. Ready for a zero-pressure, informative conversation with an expert? Feel free to reach out to us at (206) 972-7667 or make an appointment to swing by our installation bays in Bellevue or Lynnwood.